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Privacy policy, database and direct mail

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  1. The personal information and the registration for the mail system shall be subject to the privacy policy of the company Rota Studio Ltd (hereinafter: the “Company“).
  1. The Company shall not submit the person who signed up, other than any of the following instances: (A) if required to do so by a court order or by law; (B) if it received a warning on impending legal proceedings against it for actions committed by the person who signed up and in any dispute, claim, demand or legal proceedings, if any, between the person who signed up and the Company; (C) if the Company arranges its activity under a different body – as well as if it merges with any other body or merge its activity with any other body – the Company then shall then be entitled to transfer to the other body the personal information of the person who signed up, provided that the other body shall accept the provisions of this privacy policy. (D) if a claim is raised or if the Company suspects that the person who signed up took an action and/or failed in any way that adversely impacts and/or may adversely impact the Company and/or anyone acting on its behalf and/or any third parties whatsoever. (E) If a claim is made or the Company suspects that the person who signed up has used for illegal purposes and/or in order to enable, relieve, assist and/or encourage the implementation of such an action; (F) if a claim is raised or if the Company suspects that the person who signed up has violated any of the provisions of the regulation and/or any agreement with the Company and/or anyone acting on its behalf; (G) if and as required for the Company’s operation, such as transferring information to employees, subcontractors and other bodies that collaborate with or involved with the marketing activity of the Company. Those who sign up shall not have any claim or demand from the Company in connection with submitting their personal information and they hereby waiver their right to any claim and/or demand as stated.
  1. The person who signed up confirms that he is not legally bound to submit her personal information and that submitting the mentioned information is made out of his own free will and with his consent. The person who signed up hereby explicitly agrees to use the abovementioned with the information he has filled in and confirms that their use shall not be considered an infringement of his privacy and shall not entitle him to any remedy and/or compensation whatsoever.
  1. If the person who signed up wishes to remove himself from the list, he could do so with the removal mechanism found in any mail service and in such an event the Company shall act according to the order it received.

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