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100% Arabica coffe
Espresso italiano certificate
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Frigerio x 6

Coffe strength
1 Kg
Selected beans

A perfectly composed, balanced blend of top-quality Arabica and Robusta coffee beans with a distinctive, unique taste. Specially developed for the catering industry this blend is a compromise between the softness of Arabica and the intensity of Robusta, making it one of the most popular coffees used in bars, restaurants and hotels. 

Roasted in Italian devices, air-cooled and vacuum-packed in a protective atmosphere (with the addition of inert gas), it is guaranteed to have an excellent shelf-life, long-lasting quality and unparalleled aroma and taste.

A vigorous, satisfying blend, with an intense, persistent flavor. Subtle cocoa notes in the background, and a sweet, nutty aroma with a high pastiness.
Strong and aromatic.

Expiry date : 2 years

SKU: PF-B10508-6

620 (incl. VAT)

Magical coffee with prominent flavors. Take a few minutes to live the dream!

"Espresso italiano" certificate
The INEI institute awarded our BBB ORO coffee with the Espresso Italiano certificate ranking us
one of the best 14 coffees in the world.

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Magical coffee with prominent flavors. Take a few minutes to live the dream!

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