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100% Arabica coffe
Espresso italiano certificate
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100% Arabica

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100% Arabica

One of the best Italian coffees, Arabica has a mild, delicate and velvety taste, with the added advantage of being low in caffeine. It is perfect for true coffee connoisseurs and for anyone who consumes several cups a day.

Enjoyed in homes and offices where quality coffee is most appreciated. The beans are roasted in Italian appliances, air-cooled and vacuum-packed with a protective cushion of inert gas, that guarantees you excellent shelf-life, long-lasting quality and unparalleled aroma and taste. Coffee bean origin: Ethiopia and Nicaragua

Expiry date: 2 years

SKU: PF-B10010

130 (incl. VAT)

Delicate coffee with fruity notes from high quality coffee beans. That’s how the day begins !

"Espresso italiano" certificate
The INEI institute awarded our BBB ORO coffee with the Espresso Italiano certificate ranking us
one of the best 14 coffees in the world.

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Delicate coffee with fruity notes from high quality coffee beans. That's how the day begins !

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